Monday, May 19, 2014

Introduction to My Blog

This blog is dedicated to youth sports, focusing mainly on non-school associations such as township recreation teams and so-called "competitive travel teams. The goal is to engage in frank discussion of issues regarding the most appropriate manner for coaching young athletes and administrating the organizations responsible for preparing parents for the mission of creating an environment that is fun, safe, and educational.

We will explore the larger issues in youth sports as well, issues such as year round participation, specialization, concussions, and parental pressure. You are invited to respond and offer your own perspective, borne out of personal experience as a young athlete, a coach, parent, or member of a Board of Directors.

My personal background in youth sports is with lacrosse. I founded a youth lacrosse association, have served as a boys and girls coach, headed up a Board of Directors, and had a local leadership position with US Lacrosse, the sports governing body. In addition, I have coached at the varsity level as a head coach and spent 12 years as a lacrosse official. 

I'm going to end this initial post by asking an essential question, one that I will explore repeatedly in this blog: "What qualities do we look for in a youth coach?"

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